Sunday, February 5, 2012

Run OC Trail Tales Run!

WOW! What a fantastic couple of weeks we have had. I am SO proud of you guys, and some of you have just been going full speed ahead!
It has been an off few months for me as you guys know with the pneumonia, and I am happy to say, I think I have turned the corner and I am slowly coming back. Pete has been sick too. I hope we are at top notch speed by the end of this week so we can keep up with you guys!

Congratulations to all of the Tinkerbell finishers! Great job and it looks like you guys had a fantastic time! I don't know if you all got photos with the characters like Barb did, but check this lucky girl out...

Congratulations to all of you Surf City Finishers as well! I know we have some pr's to brag about too! Mike, way to go! WHOA!!! And our very own Brandon who did his first 1/2 Marathon. Look at my pretty gals...

I want to thank all of the new people that have been coming to check us out and see what we are about, I hope you enjoyed your run with us, and come out for more fun with us whether you run, swim, bike, or have an adventure on the trail with us. We thank you for letting us spend some time with you and getting to know you a bit.
This week is a bit different in that Saturday we will be at the Chili Race. We will have a run from that location that morning at 7am. If you are doing the race, then you need not run with us at 7am, we will see you out on the course. Please check meetup for directions as such. If you need to sign up for the race, no problem, print the application, and we have a discount code, so you can write your check and give it to us, and we can turn it in for you.
Sunday we are having a mini tri day at Lake Mission Viejo for all our Triathlon Athletes! This is to prepare them for their upcoming races! WHOA! We are limited to the amount of people we can get in, so please RSVP so we can keep track.
I am so proud of everyone, you have ALL done so well in all that you are doing, and I hope you are enjoying yourselves, as much as we are enjoying you. It is great to see all of your individual accomplishments, and it makes me very happy.

Have a great week, we will see you soon!

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