Friday, August 24, 2012

New Tinkerbell and Surf City Training Program in OC

Accomplish Your Running Goals with the help of OC Trail Tales

Group Training Information Session at Road Runner Sports Laguna Hills

Monday Sept 10th @6pm- RSVP


In Store Discounts, Raffles, Food and Drinks

Your Training Starts Sept 17th

NEW Online Workout and Nutrition Plans Available for both Local and Remote Athletes.

  • Track all your training, nutrition and metrics
  • Plan your entire season
  • Upload works from 90+ devices
  • Use you iPhone, iPad, or other device
  • Track your runs and rides on your iPhone


For many runners, the Surf City Half Marathon and Tinkerbell half marathon will be the longest event they have ever attempted and the goal is to finish the race. The ‘Beginner Program’ is designed for runners who want to build their mileage so they can comfortably complete the 13.1 distance. Beginner runners can use a walk/run combination for the prescribed time. The ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Advanced’ programs are aimed at experienced runners who would like to utilise speed sessions to maximise their performance in the race. Runners who are new to speed work should follow the Intermediate Program.

Training Session TypesFour types of training sessions are utilised in the training programs: Easy Runs, intervals, tempo runs and hills. Most runners should aim to run their speed-work sessions near their current 5km race pace. 

Easy Runs:Building mileage and increasing the length of aerobic training runs are the best ways to improve aerobic fitness and distance running ability.
Easy runs and long runs should be run at a controlled comfortable effort. If feeling good, it is fine to push the pace, but it is important for recovery that easy and recovery runs are below threshold effort. Experienced runners should run most of their recovery runs at a “conversational pace”, that is, at an effort that allows the runners to easily carry out a conversation if needed.

Interval Sessions:The interval sessions in the programs aim to improve maximal oxygen consumption, neuromuscular fitness and running economy – three important predictors of distance running performance. Runners should aim to complete the interval sessions at 5km pace for longer reps (3-5mins) and slightly faster for shorter reps (2mins and under). Recoveries can consist of a walk or jog and the emphasis is on the quality of the hard efforts. A warm-up of 10-20 minutes should precede the session and a warm-down of the same length should follow.

Tempo Runs:The tempo runs prescribed in the programs should be completed at around race pace/effort. In addition to raising the runner’s anaerobic threshold, the tempo runs also help runners become accustomed to running at their goal race pace. It is recommended that a 10-20 minute warm-up precedes the session and a 10-20 minute warm-down follows.

Hill Sessions:Hill sessions have been described as “speed work in disguise” because they build strength and endurance as well as working on cardiovascular fitness. 

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