Monday, August 27, 2012

Xterra Crystal Cove Trail Running Program

Informational Session at Road Runner Sports Laguna Hills
Monday Sept 10th @6pm


What is Xterra Crystal Cove Trail Race?
6k and 15k Trail Race in El Moro State Park
Sunday Dec 9th

Race Details

Xterra Trail Running PROGRAM INCLUDES

• Support of 2-3 coaches w/diverse running experience
• Weekend Long Runs with Team
• Road & Trail Workouts 
• Training Schedule (Weekend Build OR Comprehensive Day by Day Program)
• Social Events 

NEW Online Workout and Nutrition Plans Available for both Local and Remote Athletes.
  • Track all your training, nutrition and metrics
  • Plan your entire season
  • Upload works from 90+ devices
  • Use you iPhone, iPad, or other device
  • Track your runs and rides on your iPhone

• Race Plan Planning
• Time Trials & Recommended Training Races
• Support & Info Through Email, Phone & Facebook
• Clinics (Nutrition, Form, Core/Stability, etc.)

Weekend Long Runs are focused on helping each runner become a more balanced runner. On the roads, we'll work on foot speed, impact conditioning and specific pacing and while on the trails we'll work on mental and physical toughness, power and stabilizing muscle strength.

Monday Night Runs also known as the Social Runs are community runs open to all.  These runs are always on the road starting from Road Runner Sports Laguna Hills. 

Wednesday Night Runs are specialty workouts that alternate between hill repeats, tempo paced runs, time trials and more.

Clinics are lead by coaches and other industry professionals to help you break through old challenges, teach you to properly hydrate, fully replace electrolytes, get adequate calories, and pace yourself. Other clinic focuses include core work, proper running form and breathing techniques.

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