Monday, August 6, 2012

Our Inspirations

We have had some great new accomplishments this week!  Thursday was the last of the summer Peters Canyon Series, and boy did you all do a great job! I think I heard most of you say you had a personal best.  :).  For those of you that did not have a personal best, or it was your first time, remember, you are out doing it, and that in itself is an accomplishment! I know a bunch of you won prizes as well! Great job everyone!

Saturday Traci, Kim, and Yuki had Camp Pendleton Triathlon! Way to go ladies, you guys rocked it! Both Traci and Yuki have come such a long way in their training.  They both came from barely swimming and no bikes, to ocean swimming, and new bikes that they are kicking butt on!  Kimmy just keeps getting better and better. When she came to us 4 years ago, she really was not "running", let alone kicking booty in Triathlons! Kim, we are so proud of you and your dedication to yourself. It takes so much focus and discipline to accomplish what you are accomplishing, and I admire that.

Sunday Jessie, MaryEllen, and Than participated in the  OC Fair  fun 5k! I know some of you have not participated in a 5k yet, but you are well on your way. We love 5k's, along with all the other races, and even though they are short, they are tough.  People know they are short so they run faster and harder. So, for the first time 5k'r it can be intimidating.  Not to worry though If you have any questions, these guys have done many, and i am sure can give you some good tips.  :) Great job and Congratulations you guys!

Sunday, we also had some people break their own mileage barriers! Congratulations to all of you first time 20 mile trail runners.  It was a hot day, and i know how hard it was.  You all did fantastic!

I would like to welcome back Rhonda Mahacek.  Rhonda was in a car accident, and was home recovering for quite some time.  Rhonda came back to class Monday, and did the walking class I heard fantastically! We have all missed you, and are all so happy you are making such a good recovery! Rhonda has signed up for Tinkerbell Marathon, and i encourage everyone to please encourage her along in meeting her goal at the beginning of the year.  :)

Please check out our new tab on the right hand side of the blog called Tales and Testimonials.  Just click on the photo, and read the tales or testimonials from your fellow OCTT members.  This is the reason we named ourselves "trail tales", and now i think have had students long enough to write their own "tales".  If you would like you story told here, please just send me an email, and photo, and i will post it.  :)  You get extra points as well.  :)  

Thank you for being the best! You all are such inspirations to us, and make us want to improve ourselves everyday.


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