Monday, June 7, 2010

Mountain Lions, Bobcats, and Snakes!

What a fabulous weekend!

For our racers that missed out, boy did you miss out on some fun and adventure, but mostly the wildlife was out this weekend, and i am not talking about Skip! :) We (well, some of us), saw a Mountain Lion, Bobcat, and a rattlesnake! I will let some of the Trail Talers fill you in next weekend, or you can respond to the blog. We certainly have a "tale" for our "Trail Tales" now though.

I just want to say that we rarely ever encounter 1 animal let alone all of these on the same day! This is exactly why we go as a group as well, and never alone, like we saw the screaming girl Stephanie, as she came running up on us. I truley am more afraid of physco people than the animals, but that poor girl, that bobcat had chased her up a tree! I don't know if most of you caught that! So, she said she heard my whistle, and thats when she climbed down and came running towards us, because she could here my whistle. Poor thing. By the way, if that happens again with any mountain lion, Bobcat, or coyote, you do NOT run, they will chase you. You need to stand your ground. Look Larger, put your hands up in the air. Growl, and yell. If you can find big rocks, pick them up never loosing eye contact. Throw them at them if you have too. Blow a whistle if you have one. If you are ever going under trees, put your sunglasses on the top of your head to make it look like you have eyes looking up. Just a few tips. We probably will encounter something again someday, we are in their territory. I still am waiting to see a full bodied kitty cat. :)

Congratulations by the way to all of our racers that raced this weekend! I hope you don't mind, but i did post your times! Awesome job to all of you! You all Rock! We did miss you though.

It seemed like everyone was good on their hydration and nutrition this weekend. I hope everyone is kind of getting that they probably need more water than on the streets, and maybe more food (gel), or bars. It is definitely hot and going to get hotter as our miles also increase. Please start bringing electrolytes of some sort, and water as well as some sort of gels, gummies, or bars. You may have also seen that Pete and I are using a hydration pack. My pack holds 64 oz. of fluid. I put water and ice in mine, and it will stay cold for a good long time, it is very refreshing for me. I also carry my handhelds with electrolyte in them. Again, everyone is different, and now is the time to test everything out before the race, so you know what works for you. I have some coupons for Snails Pace for Nathan Hydration supplies. It is Hydration awareness month. Please let me know if you would like a coupon.

During the week it is very important that you are fueling right. Drinking, and eating so your body can keep up with all the extra miles you are putting on in your training. The other key component is sleep! Please try to get at least 7 hours a night. Very important. If you have vitamin c, fish oil, or Co Q 10, that is also awesome to take for recovery. Please remember too, that you have about 45 minutes after your workouts to replenish so your body rebuilds your muscles, and doesn't take from them. I hope everyone is enjoying the refreshments i am bringing after our runs. Please feel free to give me whatever feedback you have. I would also like to take our replenishing and refreshing time to go over any problems, or concerns you may have. If you have good feedback, i will love that too!

Lastly, I really am impressed with everyone, and so pleased to have you all doing so well. Congrats on making it through your first wildlife encounter!


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