Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday's Father's Day Run!

What a great turn out on Father's day!

Everyone did great! Our little fast rabbit was great leading the way again! Thank you Esteban. I hope you all liked the new way we went, and enjoyed the single track and down hill. That way is one of my favorite ways, by the way!

I think most of you did well on your water. I think just a couple of you ran out. So good job on your nutrition, and water! It is getting hotter, so please bring water and electrolytes! I know I sound like a broken record, but it will be getting crucial as we are getting up in our miles this week. Some of you, and you know who you are...are wearing long sleeves! Please dress appropriately! Its getting hot people! :) It may be cool in the start, but it has been burning off quickly. So maybe try layers, and for sure sunscreen is a must now. These runs are your training runs to prepare you for race day. It is a mini race day.

I have most of your applications. I still need from the Sherman's, Skip, Sue, Tony, Cynthia, Natasha, and Linda. I am going to wait one more week, and turn them all in on Monday the 28th! If you want to sign up on your own, that's fine, just remember we get 10$ off and then she will pull a raffle, and someone will be the lucky winner of a free entry!!

Thanks to our Yoga master Vikki, for leading us in some pre and post stretching, that was awesome! We will miss you the next couple of weeks! Enjoy your family. :)

Great job everyone!!!


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