Thursday, October 21, 2010

OC Trail Tales ramps up the mileage this weekend.

Everyone did a amazing job last weekend and dealing with the weather conditions.

This weekend we will have the 50k group run 20 miles and the 25k group run 10-12 miles...
we will run from Dove Canyon aka Bell Canyon to Casper's at this turnaround there will be water and a bathroom. For the 50k group please carry at least 60oz of water in your packs- carry some extra electrolyte powder in your bag and use it in your hand held. Lets meet at 6am and get cracking this time! this is a long run and people do have other family commitments so lets be courteous and be prompt.

2 optional 2 start times
Easy pace start 6am
Brisk pace start 6:20 am
Please let us know which group you plan to start at thank you.
Also here is a amazing yoga free video link you should try to get the kinks out....

Click Here

Also Los Pinos 50k race is on tap...we need some volunteers for the finish line.
We will be handing out medals as runners finish this hard race, and feeding them.
We are looking for people from 1pm to 5pm- you will receive a free shirt for your time.
The date is Nov 20. Please submit to us your name and shirt size.

One last thing we need your applications for Avalon Eco Marathon asap... please bring it to the run this Sunday. We need to make our Final Room reservations for the race- so we need to firm commitments for those that want to go. The House that we are getting sleeps 8 and will be $75 per person for a 2 night minimum. So far people in the house are 1.Corrinne, 2. Pete, 3. Esteban, 4. Yolanda. There are only 4 more spots in this house, so let us know ASAP! Corrinne needs to pay upfront. Thank you

Here is the map...

View Dove Canyon-Waterfalls in a larger map

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