Monday, October 25, 2010

Trail Tales Gets Dirty!

Great job on getting dirty on Sunday! Everyone did great for our first mud run! YAY! I have to say it felt like I had 10 pound weights on each leg! I guess I need the workout. :)

I loved seeing all the animal tracks in the mud and our creature feature from John Wayne's old cabin!

I am mailing in our Catalina entries this morning! So those of you who still wanted in, you are on your own since yesterday was the deadline. I am also booking the house today, and those of you that told me you wanted to stay in the house, I need your payment to pay them and hold the spot. I do have 1 bed left in the house if you want to join us, so let me know! $75 for 2 nights is a great deal!

Northface...Will be here sooner than you think! I need to know who would like me to book them a room for Northface in Union Square. Otherwise, I will assume you are taking care of your own reservations, and figuring out your way to and from the race as well.

This weekend We have 12 miles for the 25k group and 20 miles for the 50k group. We will assume that the rain will stop and be meeting again in El Moro at 6am for the 50k group and a nice 8:20ish am start for the 25k group. That way the 50krs can get a 10 miler in, and then another loop with everyone. :) the 25k group can go an extra 2 miles and if the 50k group is feeling good, extend theirs too.

Next weekend Sunday the 7th is my Birthday weekend, and I choose Chantry for Sundays run. It is an awesome run, my absolute favorite, and we all have 10 miles, so it is a perfect choice, and my birthday choice. If you have a birthday choice for your birthday, let us know so we can work that in the schedule too! :)

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