Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kick Off Run Sunday Aug 22nd @ 7:30am

OC Trail Tales Presents:
Group Trail Training

Need a little Coaching, motivation, and kick-off training for your upcoming running season? Come out and break some bread with us as we will launch a new trail running class.

We actually have 3 goal races we will be training for. Depending on the distance or distances you want to train for, Will depend on how long of a training plan you need, and races to build you up to your next goal event.

Our first race is The Catalina Eco Marathon November 13th, 2010, for those of you who would like to do a Marathon on trails, and are planning your first 50k which leads to our 2nd event.

Our second race is The Northface Endurance Challenge 25k and 50k, December 4th, 2010. They also have other distances, but for what we would like to train for, these are ideal distances. This is also a great race for those of you who would like to run a 50 miler, that leads to our 3rd event. If you are planning for this event, you will be getting 13 weeks of training.

And our third Race is Avalon 50 miler, January 15, 2011. For anyone wanting to do a 50 miler, this is a great 50 miler. You will have had a little taste of the trails from the Eco Marathon in November, and gotten familiar with the beauty of Catalina. It is a great day of fun and scenery!  If you are planning for this 3rd event, you will be getting 19 weeks of training .

$125 Program fee includes 13 weeks of training (50K trail training plan).

$175 Program fee includes 19 weeks of training (50 Mile trail training plan).
Cool Technical Shirt
Swag Bag
Discounted shoe coupons from The Snails Pace

$99 Program Fee for Returning Members for 13 weeks (50k trail training plan).

$149 Program Fee for Returning Members for 19 weeks (50 Mile trail training plan).
Bring a Friend Promo
Includes all of the following and a pay only $99 each,
or $149 each, depending on your program.

Location: Coastal Peak Park is at the corner of Ridge Park Road and East Coastal Peak.  Taking the 73 toll road exit Newport Coast Drive making a left until you hit Ridge Park Road.  Turn left on Ridge Park Road and follow it up the long hill until you reach East Coastal Peak.  If you don’t want to take the toll road you can access Newport Coast Drive from E. Coast Highway or Bonita Canyon Road. MAP to Coastal Peak Park in Newport Beach

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  1. Peter's Canyon is hosting Race #3 of Summer series this Thursday at 6:15pm. Google for race info, but try and make it at least for post-race cheer somewhere at tustin marketplace. i have my flight scheduled for aug. 9th but if enough people send love to the universe maybe a miracle will happen and I can stay and be your sweet pea?