Thursday, August 19, 2010


Good morning!

Just a few notes before this weekends race. I know some of you are getting a bit nervous, because it is your very first trail race. That is totally normal!! YAY! A bit of nerves is great to get that adrenaline going. :) Hopefully some of the things i am posting will help you calm a bit, and get you prepared.

Please start packing today if you haven't already done so. Things you might need...




clothes for before, and after

xtra socks


gu's or gels

heed or other electrolytes

salt stick


flip flops for after



aquaphore for your lips

chaffing bar or sport shield

blister shield

keniseo tape or knee bands

electrolyte pills

snacks for after


this is just a sample list. Hopefully you have things layed out and can visualize what you will need for the race,and or drop bags. Also, what are you going to wear after? Are you going back to the hotel, or are you driving home? Pack accordingly.

Some of you have read or heard that you may get lost because of ribbon changing. Yes that does happen, i am not going to lie. I have been lost. Pete has gotten lost. Skip and I got very lost in Oregon, and i think we were in the 28 mile zone, and it is very frustrating. Please get a map of the course, and listen to the race instructors instructions in the morning. If you have gone a couple of miles without seeing a ribbon, or anyone, you are probably going the wrong way. There are not too many places you can get lost on this course, but it can happen. They sometimes mark courses the night before a race because they start so early, and hikers and bikers think its cute to re-route us runners sometimes. NOT cute! Pete and I will be there, and we will be counting heads. We will come looking for you if we think it has been too long. You probably have nothing to worry about. Just don't follow Jay. :) Just kidding Jay! :)

Carpool...Everyone should know how they are getting there and back, if you don't, please call me.

Like I said before, we will be there, cheering for you, and we will come and get you after our race. We will have some goodies, and yummies for when you are done, and I hope everyone has a fantastic day! Everyone is going to do great! Stay within yourselves, and run YOUR race.

If you have any questions or any other concerns, please feel free to blog, email, or call us. :)

See you Saturday!!!

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