Monday, August 16, 2010

Big Bend

I can not believe this week was our last training run! I am a bit sad, but happy at the same time, that you have all almost completed the class! I hope you have had as much fun as Pete and I. I know some of you are coming back and we will get to see you every weekend still, but I know some of you will not be. Just remember to come visit once in awhile, and facebook, and keep in touch. We will miss you. :(

Everyone was AWESOME going up big bend! WOW...Esteban! I think Esteban ran pretty much the whole way! Same with Sue...Great job you guys! Do you think it was nice to wait til the end of the class to throw that hill at you? Could you imagine if that was the first class?

Creature Feature....Loved seeing the deer in the beginning of Big bend. Finally a creature feature that is cute.

Vikki, thank you for the wonderful pre and post yoga. It was awesome! It does remind me how much I miss my yoga. Now that Vikki isn't moving, she will be staying on as our yogi! Thank you Vikki.

Skip is at home and supposed to be resting. Everything went well with his surgery, and if he is feeling up to it, we may see him at Bulldog cheering us on. :) We miss you Skip, get some rest.

For those of you with injuries...You all did so awesome. Injuries happen, and as you all saw me go through, sickness as well. For those of you not doing Bulldog, we will miss you too, and wish you could be with us. There is always another race, and your health and welfare are more important. Please rest, and come out with us when you are better.

Our meet and greet for the new students is Sunday @7:30am the day after Bulldog, and we are doing an easy 4 miles. Please come out and wear your Bulldog shirt, Medal, OC Trail Tales shirts, whatever...join us in celebrating your final exam. Just don't scare off the newbies. :) After that, we are taking a little break with our bodies to give them a rest, and the new session starts Sept. 11th. It is a Saturday not Sunday because Pete and I have a race for our groups in Snails Pace, that is their final exam, on the 12th.

Finally, Please let me know if you want to help and volunteer for Chimera 100 miler, on September 18th, and 19th. Los Pinos 50k, on November 20th. OC Trail Tales will be doing an aid station, and it would be alot of fun, and good experience for those of you wanting to do higher mileage. You don't need to be there all day, just a couple of hours if that's all you can do. I need to make a list of volunteers and give them to the race directors. You get goodies, and food, sometimes a shirt or jacket, and most of all you get to see your fellow trail runners at their best! (not for the squemish)

Good job everyone!!!

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