Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Last Long Run Before Bulldog!

I hope Everyone has had a fun time during our last 11 weeks of training. I have had a wonderful time. This last long run was really fun, and I think had lots of nice rolling hills for everyone. You all did great. We did miss a few of you, but hopefully you will be back next week, because Pete and I have a little surprise for all of you. :)

I tried my best to keep up with Esteban on the way over to the Nix Center, He was on fire again. I hope everyone liked the new route. Elizabeth, Better or what?

Skip did a great job with love in the back, maintaining all those lovely ladies is hard.

Vikki did an awesome job leading our yoga/stretch. I was unable to join you, but got a great stretch in later that day. :)

Everyone should be ready for Bulldog. I hope you all feel like you are, and please if you have any concerns or questions....call Pete. HA! Just kidding. Seriously, you are all really, and we will all be there, and you can ask any of us and we will help in any way we can. Pete and I are going up the morning of. I believe Sweet Pea is riding with us. Jay and Sue I believe are going the day before, so if there are any other 50kr's that want to carpool with them please make arrangements. Pete and I will be there the whole day to cheer each and everyone of you on, and if there is anything special that you think you will need, let us know so we can have that for you.

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  1. Hey Gang,
    Don't forget to stay limber for our race by practicing the post-run stretch that we did the other day at the park. You can also watch it on the you-tube clip from one of the older posts! Remember that you don't want to go into deep stretches BEFORE you run, just a good warm-up with sun salutaions or walks or dynamic stretching. Please check out free yoga on www.yogatoday.com. Please ask me about new member intro specials at various studios too!
    Bulldog or Bust,
    Sweet Pea