Tuesday, August 3, 2010

25k and 50k training group run Recap

Everyone has really come along way from 10 weeks ago. Can you believe it has been 10 weeks? It seems as though you have all come together as a wonderful group/family and are having a great time. Pete and I are enjoying watching you grow and get closer to your accomplishments, and are really greatful to have you in our lives. It makes us very happy to have met all of you.

50k'rs are tapering down this week, and the 25k'rs, well...it's your last long run before Bulldog. We will all go out for a nice 14 miler. This will be a new route, and consist of only 1 loop, so please wear your packs and carry what you need! It may be hot again.

We are getting more recognition and more people are coming out to see what we are about and wanting to run with us and join, so I would like to thank all of you for welcoming them in and treating them like part of the family.

We missed some of you this weekend, and hope you are well enough to come back Sunday. It isn't the same when we are missing a few. :)

No creature feature of the week this week, maybe Pete can take some pretty bunny shots or something next week. :)

We have several requests for more Hammer products, and so will be putting in another order this week. Please either call me or Pete with what you are needing and we can get that going.

Shelly and Yolanda were the winners of the Peter's Canyon Free entries! YAY! Good luck ladies. We will have a booth there, that is this Thursday August 5th at 6pm. Please come by and say hi, wear your shirts, and then afterward we are going to go celebrate or sad-inate (made up word), Vikki's goodbye to Florida. I think "The Counter" is our final destination that night.

Have a great week!



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  3. Hey Gang, I don't really know if I am leaving next week or not, so don't be sad for me yet! In the meantime, I hope to see most of you out this Thursday for a fun run, grub, and grog. Sunday's 14 miler on Sunday will be the perfect opportunity for us to do a wrm-up stretch as well as a post-run stretch from the clip on one of the last posts. Please bring a mat or towel.

  4. Hey Vicksta, I'll bring my mat and look forward to seeing you. I hope something changes and you don't have to leave.

    Take care,