Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July run!

What a great turn out for the 4th! I was very surprised at how many of you came out to do a nice run! Everyone did really well! YAY! I am glad the weather held for us as well. I think this coming weekend will not be the same however, so please bring your packs if you have them. I don't want anyone running out of water. You should probably be using your electrolytes now and something other than water if you can stomach it.

We have changed it up a bit for this coming weekend, and will be doing the first loop of 12 miles, and then a 10 mile loop after that of the reverse of what we did this past weekend. (which everyone rocked!) You all looked awesome climbing up the hills! So its a 12 mile for the 25k'rs, and 22 mile for the 50k'rs. YAY!

We placed the Hammer order, and hopefully it will be here at the beginning of next week for the following weekend. If we missed you and you wanted to order something, just let us know, and we can maybe add it if you get to us quickly.

There seems to be a little competition out there on the trails with other people that are running, that are not in our group. So, just be on your toes, and take them out! Green shirt man told me he wanted to take out Rocio, but she is super strong, and busted a move on him! Good job Rocio! Ha! You should have seen his face too, you totally chicked him. :) You made me so proud!

People have been asking what is next on the agenda, and most of you know Ridgecrest is next for a 15 mile and 30 mile option on December 12th. Then for those of you wanting to do your first 50 mile...We have chose Avalon 50 miler in January! Just a couple of things to put on your radar. Also, I have heard some of you are very interested in doing a Triathlon. OC Tri is coming up and its a great first Tri, as a matter of fact it was my first. If you are interested, you better get on it cause it is 12 weeks away! We would love to put a training program together for you to be able to accomplish this as a first. I would love to have more company to train with as well. :) Pete has many years of experience doing Triathlon's, and Ironman's. He is an excellent Coach, and has helped me totally in my efforts to complete my first Ironman coming up at the end of the month.

As a final note, it makes Pete and I so happy to hear that you are having a great time in the group. That it is a positive experience for you, and I am so pleased to hear things like that from you, so Thank you. If you do have any negative things, maybe I will strap a suggestion box to my car so you can write anonymous little notes. :) Really, though, thank you for your kind words, and I am so happy you are having fun! YAY!

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