Thursday, July 1, 2010

4th of July Run

Good morning!

Everyone rocked the course on Sunday! Awesome job guys. Your hard work is paying off and it shows.

Thank you for your applications for bulldog. They are in the mail :) we will be notified who won the free entry.

Its Hammer time! A few people are already out of product. Please respond to this email if u would like to save a few bucks on shipping. We will place a order in a few days. The gels and HEED are great products to have in this heat.

Lets start our run at 7am with a 7ish mile loop for both groups. The loop will be down Bommer then Up Willow :) the 50k group will restock with their fuel then head out for another 10mile which will be the opposite direction from last Sunday. Down Bommer, down I think I can, then Up No Name.Please stay on top of your run this weekend. So for the 25k group Run at least 4 miles on Saturday easy pace. And for the 50k group run a easy 8 mile.

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