Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Did someone order heat?

Well, was it hot enough for you this past Sunday? The Sun God was really shining on us Sunday! I think we all did very well on sunblock, but can still take a few notes on hydration! All in all though, everyone did very well. I actually heard a news report this morning about hydrating and tea drinkers tend to be more hydrated than plain water drinkers. So...hmmmm...try some warm tea some evening or afternoon. Let's test it out. :)

Welcome all the new members...Jay, Yolanda, and Shelly! You all still have not met Yolanda, hopefully next weekend. I hope Jay and Shelly, you are finding the group welcoming, and enjoying yourselves. I know Shelly took a couple punches this weekend, but I know she is good for a few hits back! Right Shelly!!?? Looks like you guys will fit in real nice.

I have to say, I probably shouldn't have come out and run yet, but I am sure glad I did, otherwise first of all, I would have missed all your happy faces, and secondly, I would have missed Gargantuous tarantula!! Wasn't he/she gorgeous!!?? Thanks Tony for scaring the tar out of me by picking it up! Don't do it again!! :) I always love all the creatures we find. Where else do you get all this??

Really great job everyone on the 12 mile loop.

Double cheers to the 50k'rs for rockin' it 17 miles then another 10 mile loop! You guys are ready!

They then celebrated Sue's belated b-day, and a couple of beers too. Donna and Skips is next! Happy Happy guys!

This coming up weekend Sunday the 25th, we will be doing a 10 miler for the 25k'rs, and dropping it down for the 50k'rs to 20 miles. We are tinkering with the idea of a new route, so keep your eyes and ears open.

Tom and Sue will be traveling off to do the San Francisco Marathon this weekend, so YAHOO, good luck guys! Have lots of fun for us!

Remember too to check the calendar, and have fun this week!


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