Monday, July 12, 2010

July 11th Sunday Run Recap

Our trail tales group were missing a few key people to the roster. As you know ma remains sick and is actively resting... Cindy is still out camping in the mtns. Natasha and Shelly were not feeling well. And Linda was on family vacation. We have a new member Yolanda who could not make it and had family matters at home. Skip celebrated his birthday on Saturday with a easy 30 mile bike ride with Eric x 2 and Tony (Newbie bike rider). It was only his second ride on a bike yet he was able to keep up with the big dogs...

Both groups did amazing, and everyone seemed to have nice things to say about our new 12 mile route out to the NIX center.

In fact Vikki jumped straight in her yoga, and tom was able to dry out his shirt. Elizabeth was craving some diet dr pepper and Chipotle and Donna was looking for pizza and beer...omg! I was talking about Corrinne's homemade granola, with fresh berries and non-fat plain yogurt...but the topic quickly shifted as we started our climb up Stage Coach, a long a*s hill from the Nix Center.

On our way back Esteban turned on the rockets to catch the soccer game... and Rocio decided to kick into gear to finish strong... The 50k group restocked and headed out for another 10 miles. Donna, Tom, Sue and Vikki did great. At the Finish, everyone seemed to be in great spirits.

For this week- the temps are a bit warmer. I would try to run after work 5 or 6pm whatever works- the milage is low 5 or 6 miles. Our 50k group has a big 26 mile run this Sunday I urge you to rest and eat well this week. I am still working on the route for next Sunday, I can say it will include the NIX center again... please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


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