Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sunday July 25th

What a great turnout we had on Sunday! A big thank you to all of you that came out and to all the new people that wanted to check us out. I hope all the members chatted with you, and were helpful, and hopefully you had a great time. It was awesome to meet all of you, and hopefully you will like to run with us some more and join us for our next training program. We will be gearing up for The Northface Endurance Challenge which starts in a few weeks, the first week of September.

Speaking of The Northface Endurance Challenge in December, I would also like to remind everyone that Linda Fox will be helping us going forward as our Rabbit. Hopefully you have all met Linda, and gotten to talk to her. She is an awesome lady, and is excited to be able to be with the group and help lead you all to your goals. So for those of you continuing on with us for training, and need a rabbit to follow, look no further she is hopping...

I would also like to remind everyone, that yes some of us have run long distances, and you are all awesome, but also, some of you just started, and like Tony, he just had his first 5k ever 1 year ago. Look how far he has come in a year! So...great job Tony! You should be so proud of yourself, what an accomplishment you have achieved in your life change. For everyone else that has also just started, great job to you as well, we are all so proud!

For all of you who missed this past Sundays festivities...Tom, Sue, and Yolanda ran the San Francisco full and half marathon. I believe all of you said you pr'd!! Another awesome accomplishment for all of you! Cynthia, well...where were you?? :) We missed all of you.

Last weekend we had our first injury, and it seems Rocio wanted to continue the tradition and well...she fell too. :( Poor Rocio gets on the photo falling board today too, she earned 4 stitches and bragging rights, but will unfortunately be out for a few days to recover. We wish you well Rocio, and will miss you this Sunday. I think Rocio tried to slide down I think I can because she thought she could get down faster, but didnt realize how many rocks were actually on the big hill. :) What tough women we have in Trail Tales! Shelly took it hard in an all over body smashing, and kept going, and Rocio did the same, even though she was in pain, and neither one complained not one bit. I think that makes you girls Ultra Runners!! :)

Our feature creature of the week....Mr. Scorpion! He was a real treat, and I dont know if all of you got to see this special guy. It looked like he may have been run over by a bike, but his tail was still pulsing. I have been stung by a brown scorpion in Texas,and they HURT! This guy was twice the size, so I am sure he would have been packing a punch. It still amazes me though that everytime we go we see something new everytime! I Love it!!

For the 50k'rs for this coming up weekends run, and for future runs, please prepare a drop bag that is ready to go, with items that you think you will need on race day. You need to practice getting in, and out quickly from the aid stations, and your drop bag. You should be practicing your nutrition, and if you are noticing something is not working, lets fix it now! For drop bag examples, maybe you need extra socks, salt sicks, change of shirt, hat, food, gu's, gels, hydration, chaffing, whatever it is that you think you will need the day of the race, lets work on it.

I had mentioned something about the Peters Canyon Raffle. For those of you who would like to be entered into the raffle and run the last 5 mile race in Peters Canyon on August 5th, and meet the requirements of never racing a 5 mile trail race before, and are a paying member, please respond to this blog and I will put your names in a bowl and draw them tomorrow. :) YAY! FREE RACE!

One last thing...Please bring us your faded Ink n Burn shirts if they are so faded. Washed and smelling good preferably. :) I need to exchange them with Ink N Burn to get the new ones. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but if you want them for the race, I need them asap. :)

Oh, and finally, I have decided that I am not well enough to do my Ironman this weekend. I am really conflicted about this, but all in all, I do know my body, and I have been sick too long, and it is still in my chest, so I have made the decision to stay here. So, that means you get to see me this weekend! YAY! I can do a few hours, 17 hours I could do, but I think I would send my walking pnuemonia back into a tizzy. I am all your's Sunday. :)

Thanks everyone! Have a great week!

Corrinne &  Pete


  1. As your resident yogini, I hope you saw last week's post on the U-tube post-run stretch sequence clip? It literally only takes 5 minutes so maybe if the 50k'ers do the first loop with the 25k'ers this coming week, we can all remember to bring mats or something to lay on and we can practice it together? At the very least, practice it on your own!!!! If you want to get faster, go longer, and keep running, you have got to work in that flexibility, too! Come on, try it!

  2. Awesome suggestion Vikki I hope more people can stick around for post run stretching...